An Empty Legacy-- When Celebs Select to Disinherit

As you go about producing your estate plan and making options about who you wish to receive your property, you might experience a feeling of relief in knowing that your household will be cared for after your death.However, for many individuals, including some stars, the last option they make is to disinherit their family or to leave their kids and member of the family out of any inheritance whatsoever. Let’s take an appearance at a couple of the more well-known examples.

Marlon Brando
Though he died leaving behind an estate valued at about $30 million, the popular star also picked to disinherit some member of the family. His grand son, Tuki Brando, was the child of his formerly deceased child, Cheyenne. Mr. Brando left Tuki, along with a child he fathered with his long time individual assistant, entirely out of his inheritance. Why he did so is unclear, though Tuki’s mom had actually dedicated suicide and his individual assistant had settled a claims versus Mr. Brando simply weeks prior to his death.

Michael Jackson
Though he left his mom and his children well looked after after his death, Michael Jackson’s estate plan eliminated nearly everybody else in his family. After he died in 2009 leaving behind an estate worth over $500 million, Mr. Jackson’s estate plan directed that his children and his mother be named as beneficiaries of the trust that owns his whole fortune. The estate plan, however, made no provisions for any of his popular brother or sisters or his father, Joe Jackson.