Are All Conditional Gifts Valid?

There is absolutely nothing uncommon about making an inheritance conditional on something else. Conditional presents are as old as estate planning itself. For example, inheritances are often conditioned on the successor or recipient reaching a particular age or finishing from college. Many individuals do not see any debate in these conditions.

What takes place if a condition is questionable? Are there limits to the conditions that you can set?
There are definitely limits, however they differ slightly from state to state. Generally, you can not require anybody to do anything unlawful or inherently hazardous. But, what about making an inheritance conditional upon the beneficiary getting wed. There does not seem to be excessive controversial about that. Nevertheless, what if the person does not want to get wed? What if she or he is homosexual and lives in a state that does not enable gay marriage.

The point is not to recommend that you ought to not leave conditional inheritances. You must talk to a lawyer about the limitations to the conditions you can set and the knowledge of setting conditions to manage someone else’s habits.